It's about economic transformation.

It's about sustainability.

It's about vision.

It's about partnerships.

A Message from the Organizers

We would like to thank all participants for making the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region Summit a resounding success. We are delighted by the outcomes from the various discussions and by the positive response we have received.

We intend to carry the momentum forward, and release the final draft of our paper in October. The paper will identify actionable agenda items for various sectors in the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region.

The Mowat Centre and the Brookings Institution will both consider how we can drive this agenda forward. The Summit was a step in a process. The next steps will be up to all of us.

- Matthew Mendelsohn and John Austin

Summit at a Glance

The Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto and the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program convened a summit to scope out a vision and agenda for the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region.

Leaders from business, government, non-profit, and other sectors from Canada and the US gathered at the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence Region Summit in Windsor, Ontario, on June 21 and 22, 2011. The aim of the Summit was scope out a vision for the region and identify practical steps necessary to achieve this vision through enhanced collaboration across the Canada-US border.

The Summit agenda was built around the pillars of sustainability, economic transformation and partnership.

Read the Summit Paper

The Vital Commons: A Policy Agenda for the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Region

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